How Name Changer Works

We’ve done the hard work so you can get back to family time.

3 Easy Steps

1. Enter Your New Name & Details

After you select your plan, you will be asked a series of questions. Based upon your answers, our AI system will determine the individual requirements specific to you and your State of residence to get your name change.

Note: Name Changer does not store any information on its servers. We do not need and we will never ask for your Social Security Number throughout this process. You are required to enter these details in manually after receiving your forms for security purposes.

2. Choose from 500+ Institutions across the USA

Our AI System suggest to you which institutions you need to update your new name with based on your answers including:


While all government forms are free, our streamlined auto-population AI technology and expert advice will save you 17 hours of hassle looking for the right forms, following complex instructions and getting everything done in 6 minutes.

3. Print & Post Your Forms:

Your pre-filled forms are ready to be downloaded and printed. All your forms will be auto-filled with your new name and information, verified to make sure that all the details are correct so that there are no nasty surprises (which can cost you months of time).

Each form includes super easy instructions indicating any fees involved, required filing documents and the final address you must post your new form to.

*Latest Forms – Name Changer checks daily for the latest forms and updates – so you can rest assured that your new bridal name will be correctly changed the very first time.